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Now is the time to assess your health insurance needs. Our Personal Health Plans are a smart choice if you’re self-employed, living without benefits, leaving a Group or Employer Benefits Plan, or are a retiree. Whether you’re a single, a couple or a family, our plans are designed with you in mind.

You can set up the right plan easily with our flexible and affordable personal health insurance – specifically for Saskatchewan residents.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, supplemental health insurance from GMS is just what the doctor ordered. We’ve
been protecting Canadians and their families from everyday health and medical emergency expenses for over 65 years.

With any insurance, we believe you need the information to meet your requirements & your needs. Work with a Proven Insurance representative that will take the time, answer your questions and build the coverage that is the best for you! Click on free quote below, or call your local office today to get started!

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